4 Ultimate Channels for Online Customer Referrals

There is a big difference between a good referral program and an accomplished referral program, it all boils down to one major element, understanding the customer base thoroughly. Basically, understanding your prospective customer means you can correctly anticipate how they will interact with your referral strategy. How your prospective customers interact with it goes hand in hand with your demographic success rate and audience propagation.

It is important to reward your advocates for each referral they make. It not only increases your audience, it also allows you to build a strong relationship with them. A rewards program will incent your advocates to refer other users again and again.

There’s no point in beating around the bush, the only reason you are using a referral program is to help your brand or products reach as many people as possible. At Edenred, http://www.edenred.com.sg we are determined to maximize your brands potential via referral sharing so we reviewed the best channels that foster referral sharing.

Facebook the mother of referral sharing

Basing on the number of active users since January 2018, Facebook has had 1 billion users so far. Crazy right? So, apart from the numbers what makes Facebook such a powerful referral channel?

First, the outstand reach. The average number of friends a Facebook user has is 338. Naturally, Facebook messages are publicized. The messages sent by any user on Facebook will end up in your network of 338 friends and family, in most instances the message will be most likely pushed forward to another group of friends. The process is continuous and eventually, your brand gets a long-lasting public endorsement.

Impulse behavior makes Facebook the ultimate referral channel. We are humans, we can’t help clicking on things that look appealing. Facebook has an excellent visual platform where all users can share their videos and images. A well-crafted referral image or video can help you secure twice the amount of potential customers.

Make sure you include a referral, you can do this by including a pop-up, banner display, a footer etc. or use Edenred’s customize tools http://www.edenred.com.sg.


• Engage your customers on a public level. Avoid direct messages to advertise your referral links.

• Use as many visuals as you can. They carry more weight than non-visual cues.

• Constantly update your referral links.

• Closely monitor the interested customers.

Mobile Messengers harnessing the power mobile referral program

Shoppers are now buying and selling their products via mobile now more than ever. In the last six months, Shopify has reported 60 percent of the orders are done through mobile phones. Referral reward program is based on statistics and according to the current stats, m-commerce is taking over.

When you avail your referral program on a mobile device you create an easy route for your link to be shared easily. Essentially, at the moment when someone views your referral link on their mobile phone, the mobile phone is the path of least resistance, they don’t have to strain to share the link with others, with just a click they can easily engage other people.

Edenred helps you engage the potential customers by creating referral reward programs that can be shared through mobile devices. From WhatsApp to Messenger, sharing with other people in your contact becomes easier. Just select the contact you intend to share with and hit send, simple right?

M-commerce is gaining rapidly becoming common to both the young and old. If you are targeting a demographic of people under the age of 40, then mobile messengers are the best chance you have at getting their attention.


• Spend some time in understanding your demographic.

• Capitalize on making m-commerce successful e.g. using rewards program.

• Make the links easy to share e.g. use of plugins.

• Remember, make the messages as appealing as possible.

Twitter, electronic word of mouth

Twitter is not as successful as Facebook in terms of numbers, but, at the moment it has 330,000 users per month who are enough to make your referral program successful. The creators of the Hashtag have made referral program much easier and convenient, here’s why.

By adding a branded hashtag to your typical twitter message, every time your referral link is shared it creates a buzz and other users are able to see what is trending and why. The bigger the buzz the greater the reciprocal effect. More people will be willing to check out what your brand is all about if it has caught the attention of many people. In the long run, your brand gets advertised without any hassle.

It is evident that people social media are highly influenced by mob psychology if a larger number of people are interested in your brand there is a high chance more will follow suit, this is referred to as Social proof, and what better way to exploit Social proof than by using Twitter.

Twitter is also a visual platform so remember to customize your links using our customize tools at Edenred.


• Great for fashion and cosmetic industries.

• Make the hashtag lucrative. (clickbait)

• Include a preset message to tone down the marketing aspect.

• Publicize your message, avoid direct approach.

E-mail the best private channel

In comparison to the above channels, E-mail looks like a traditional approach to referral marketing. While this is the case it can still be an effective tool. Let me put it bluntly, Emails are not the most common means of social networking, but they do the job when it comes to referral sharing. In fact, 92% of users click links sent to them sent by E-mail. This
medium appears formal and offers a more private and intimate setting. This is a great platform for people offering products that are not ’diner topics’ like sex toys, smoking accessories, underwear etc.

Keeping a referral marketing component allows you to engage your customers and therefore encouraging more referrals.


• Great platform for baby boomers.

• It’s a private and intimate platform.

• Great for private industries such as underwear.

So, which is the right channel for you?

We recommend all of them.

Each of the channels mentioned above is great depending on the effectiveness and the target audience.

However, select the channel that allows you to reach a wider audience and matches the needs of the type of products you are offering. If possible, get two channels, one public and one private. This will allow you to equally reach out to different types of customers. Facebook and messenger are great platforms to promote your referral program.

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