I have read and continue to read a number of blog pages. Indeed my knowledge horizon is only expanding reading them, but I have always felt that many blog contents may not be altogether true.  Clearly the main intent of most of the bloggers is to garner maximum followers so that the popularity of the page widens, which would hopefully lead to generation of good monetary returns.

I do not claim to have a different intent, but my main passion is to express myself clearly and coherently on the topics that I consider to have some expertise, if not an authority. I believe the readers are ordinary guys like you and me looking for information that can be gathered from the web world. Indeed web world is a boon to the human race where, if one is really interested, one can get all the information on a topic that one is interested in.  It is also widely known that all that is available in the internet web pages or blogs are not true gospel truths and one has to always use his or her own best judgement to separate the chaff from grain.

My interest is mainly on finance, investment, car insurance, etc. On each blog page, I try to write on a specific aspect of these subjects and I always try to be coherent and logical. I do my own research to find the most authentic data, yes, from the same wide web world, but always verify a point of one page with another or two, so as to confirm the authenticity of the fact.

Because the internet world is vast and uncontrolled, the information contained therein can also not be relied upon completely. However, as in the real world, there are good men and bad ones too in the internet world.  I can say only about me – I will always try to be truthful in my writings. So, if you found this brief ‘about us’ page interesting, why not subscribe to my blog pages. You can fill in your email address below and submit. Thank you for being here.

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