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Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom found on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. It is known worldwide for its fortresses, monasteries and the dramatic landscapes which cover its valleys, mountains and the subtropical plains.

The Bhutan-Australia Friendship Offer

Royal Bhutan Airlines, Drukair, and the Bhutan Tourism are happy to announce the new Bhutan-Australian friendship offer. When it comes to the number of tourists visiting Bhutan annually, Australians are among the top and this year we have decided to offer Australians a waiver from the minimum spending requirement when they visit Bhutan between June 1 and August 31, 2018. Drukair is also offering a discount of thirty percent on airfares and you can even start booking today.

The Australian-Nationals Tour Package Promotion

Apart from the discount on airfare, we are also providing Australians with promotion packages on Visa travels to this Kingdom. You will be required to pay a visa fee of USD 40. The two main hotel categories that are offered for the tour are:

1. Category A

  • USD 155 per night for one person
  • USD 145 per person each night for two people
  • USD 135 per person, per-night for three or more people.

Choice of Hotels

Whether you are visiting as an individual, a couple or a group of people, you will have the choice of choosing the hotel of your choice.

If you are visiting Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, you can choose Hotel Migmar, Galingkha, Hotel White Tara, Wangchuk Hotel, Pedling Hotel, and Spa. Paro is a town found on a valley and it is located on the western side of Thimphu. Guest visiting this place will use the Dewachen Resort, Gangtey Palace Hotel or Metta Resort and Spa and in case you want to go to Punakha, you will use the Punatsangchhu Cottages.

2. Category B

  • USD 165 per night for one person
  • USD 155 per person each night for two people
  • USD 145 per person, per-night for three or more people.

Choice of Hotels

In Thimphu, there is Hotel Osel and Namgay Heritage all which are 4-star hotels. Paro has Tashi Namgyel Resort, Raven’s Nest and Tenzinling. If you will be going to Punakha you will either choose Hotel Lobesa, Zhingkham Resort or similar.

Note that this land tour package is also inclusive of the following.

Bhutan Visas

  • An experienced driver who will pick you from your hotel and drop you back.
  • A qualified, licensed and experienced guide who is fluent in English.
  • A vehicle for touring.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Provision of all meals and mineral water throughout your stay.
  • Surcharges, taxes, and government contribution.
  • A set of Bhutan’s traditional costume which includes Kira and Gho. You can get one upon request but you have to give it back to the tour guide after your trip comes to an end.

Bhutan Travel Packages for Australians

We have a wide range of tour and travel packages to suit a wide range of preferences. Our travel plans are designed with the needs of our customers in mind. Our travel experts and guides who have more than fifteen years experience have created a detailed package for Australians and it contains various package collections such as:


11-Day Cultural-Tour Travel Plan

This tour package starts at the end of May and you will be able to witness how the Bhutanese make art using papers. After that, you will trek up to Tango Goemba and finish by holding a picnic near the river.

15-Day East-to-West Cultural Tour

This cultural tour also begins at the end of May. Visiting Australians will get a chance of using domestic flight to visit Trashigang as well as other parts of Bhutan.

7-Day Bhutan Tour

This seven-day tour will take you to Paro’s green valley, the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu and Punakha, the old capital.

24-Hour Tour in Paro

Paro is a Bhutan town that is renowned because of its Buddhist Traditions, culture and art.

5-Day Magical-Travel Plan

You will get an amazing experience of exploring Bhutan within just five days.

24-Hour Thimphu Tour

Thimphu has a lot of historical, religious and cultural sites and attractions. This cultural tour package will allow you to explore this small city in just one day.


4-Day Uma-Paro Himalayan Escape

If you want to be introduced to this Buddhist Land, then we recommend that you sign up for this luxury package.

7-Day Amankora Journey

This ancient kingdom is full of religion, traditions and also the benevolent culture of the monarchy. You will be able to discover Amankora’s beautiful and unique hideaways found along the central and western valleys.

The Helicopter Adventure

The journey into the heartland of this kingdom requires that you explore three essential valleys, Punakha valley which has amazing fortresses, The Laya Valley and Paro Valley which is dotted with ancient temples and rice paddies.


The festival tour package gives you chance to witness different Bhutanese festivals, mingle with the villagers and get a taste of the delicious local cuisine.


Bhutan is a land filled with valleys and hills hence it has a lot of trekking trails. There is also a wide range of flora and fauna which makes trekking to be more enjoyable. There is the Soi-Yaksa trek, Bum-Dra trek, Sakteng trek among others and they all offer breathtaking views. You will be able to discover some of the most untouched parts in Bhutan and camp in the beautiful wilderness.


Bhutan has a lot of adventure. If you are wondering what outdoor activities you can engage in, you can take a phototrek journey with Lester Ledesma, an award-winning and renowned photojournalist, to discover the exoticness of Bhutan. The 12-day birdwatching tour plan will take you to paradise where you will get to discover a great number of the endemic bird species. There is also a 10-day dragon tour where you will engage in one of the toughest bike races in the world.

As an Australian visiting this place, you will never miss something fascinating to explore or engage in. Bhutan is an amazing kingdom that is isolated from the rest of the world and you will be able to discover its ancient ruins, temples and unique culture. There is no perfect time to visit Bhutan and even the June to August period is still the best season. Whether you want to get a glimpse of some of the untouched attractions in this place or you want to learn and experience the Bhutanese culture, Bhutan is ready for you.

Check out the Australian offer here

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