No Saving Money, No Weight Loss

Singapore is one
 of the expensive countries in the world. People living in Singapore, therefore,
 have involved themselves in a very expensive lifestyle that affects the amount
of money that they would have saved if only they were living an ordinary life.
 Eating inexpensive restaurants, shopping all the time, their desire to get
something at the moment and all that lifestyle inflation is what makes them not
able to save any single penny. In Singapore, there are companies that give
money to people who have financial problem to either start a business or
expand, buy cars or for other purposes. These money lenders such as Easy Credit Directory give the
 Singaporeans money that they are supposed to pay for a
 given or agreed period of time. This money has an interest that should be
returned before the end of the paying period.

Singaporeans reach to old age and find that they have not saved any money
 opting to run to money lenders who they think will be their solution. It takes
 a very long time for a loan of an old person to be approved. The loan lenders
become reluctant the moment they realize that it’s an old person who wants to
be given a loan because they think the old doesn’t work hence they will have
 problems in paying the loan. the reason as to why they reach old age without
 savings in their accounts is because when they were working they spend most of
their times in doing unnecessary things that made them waste a lot of their
money. They like spending a lot of their time in malls with their children
 buying many things instead of saving.

Most Singaporeans are known to be lazy.
 Cooking food in their houses seems to be. Very hard. If you go to high-end
restaurants they are always flocking in out throughout the day just to eat. The 
kind of junky foods they eat make them not to lose weight. If the total amount
 of money they use per month on eating is utilized in developing businesses or
saving they will never lack money any given time. They also spend a lot of 
money on buying expensive drinks. Some would even go to an extent of buying
 expensive wines that do not match with the food they are taking. If only they
consider following the different ways of saving money on the wine they will 
have got enough to save for their future to avoid loans.

If you ever see
 the young Singaporeans working you will be surprised on seeing them all driving
 expensive cars. They always go and seek money from money lenders who give them
very fast because they are sure the young and working class will pay will no 
problem. The research done shows the highest percentage of youth has loans and
 they never save their money. If only one decides to avoid buying big cars and
decides to use public means of transport there could be a very big difference
in the amount of money saved at the end of the year. This is because the big cars 
they buy use a lot of fuel which is expensive. Doing service to this cars is
also an additional expense considering that the cars are serviced every month.
The youths also have very expensive flats which they buy with money that they 
get from money lenders. By the time they finish paying this loans they are
already old and their accounts have nothing to brag of. They think staying in
 this kind of lifestyle is the best way instead of saving enough for use when
they retire. Some also think that when they take their children’s to very
 expensive schools they will have them as an investment and before they realize 
it was not a good idea they have nothing to give them in future.

Most of the 
Singaporeans spend their time hanging out with their friends. They go to
 expensive places where they spend a lot of their time and everything they do in
 those places they pay a lot of money. If only they would think of meeting and
 spending time with friends in the house to have fun like playing different
 games they would save the money they use. 
When they want to have a family meeting they spend a lot of money meant
 for saving or get loans from lenders for their expenses. Cooking food in their 
house would be a cheaper way. The food cooked in the house can’t be compared to
restaurant food because the food bought in restaurants makes them look fat
 because the food is unhealthy. They think that eating out is part of
socializing. They use cash to pay for the things they purchase instead of using
a credit card. these credit cards are so useful as they give people bonuses 
which will have one spending less money compared to when using cash to purchase 

There are so
 many restaurants in Singapore which are opened throughout as there is no day or 
night. People find themselves eating every time they crave for food, even in
the morning you will find them fully occupying the restaurants. What if they
 save all that amount of money they use to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner in
hotels? They will find at the end of the year they have saved a lot of money.
 Saving money goes one on one with losing weight.

The laziness of
 most Singaporeans makes them retire when they are below retirement ages. Not 
because they have enough money which one should consider before retiring. The 
things that one should consider before he retires is the amount of money that
 is in their accounts and if the money is enough to cater for the need and that
 of the children. They spend the small
 amount they had saved and within a few years, they run short of money. They
 start going to money lenders to borrow the money for use. With no business to
get money to pay back, they are left with only an option of leasing their 
houses, cars and expensive items to get the loan. They end up depressed and
their health decorates and they fall sick. Staying in the house without doing
 anything exposes one to weight gain. Without proper exercise, the weight gain
increases very fast.

These different
 ways of living and behaviors of Singaporeans have made it very hard exposed 
them to a very hard way of life but if only they could wake up one day and 
decide to change then they will see themselves having enough money in their
 accounts before retiring. It is believed that money can determine the weight of
 someone. No saving money, no losing weight..

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